Zack Warren Software Engineer

About Me

Hi! I'm a software engineer with 10 years' experience. I excel doing full-stack web development, from the database to the frontend. In my free time you can often find me with a cup of tea and a good book, or playing a boardgame with friends and family.

My Experience

Throughout my career I have written Web Apps and Apis for a variety of industries (energy, advertising, manufacturing, etc.). The specific technologies change, but there's one thing I've brought to every job: customer-focused development. I enjoy keeping up with the latest technologies, but at the end of the day people need software that works and makes their lives better.

Some technologies I've used

Personal Project Highlights

I genuinely enjoy what I do, so I spend some of my personal time building things. These are just a few of the highlights.

Raspberry Pi K3s Cluster

After starting a new job that heavily utilized Kubernetes, I decided to get a better grasp on it. Since I had a few Raspberry Pi's laying around, I decided to build my own cluster!

This website is running on that cluster right now!


This is my passion project: recreating a web-based game my brother and I played long ago (it went offline circa 2004).

As a junior dev with 1 year under my belt, I tracked down the original creator in the Netherlands. I asked if he still had the source code lying around and if it would be okay for me to recreate it. He agreed and sent me what he had! His was written in a now-old version of PHP (I couldn't even find an archived version of Apache that would run it), so I decided to rewrite the entire thing in C#!

I began working on it only to be accepted into grad school shortly thereafter and sadly had to leave it mostly untouched for several years. Since I graduated I've been slowly working toward feature completion!

This is the project that has grown with me throughout my career. It is where I try out new things and see what works and what doesn't. I even reworked it to run inside my Pi cluster!